Frequently asked questions

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What is is an online ordering and budgeting tool. It was primarily developed for laboratories where one person -the manager- places orders for the entire department and manages the budget. If a lab member wanted to place an order it was previously necessary to fill out paper forms that are then handed to the lab-manager. The lab-manager then has to put in the order into his budget by hand and contact the company. With you can now place orders online and manage the budget wherever you have access to the internet.

Is free?

YES. is funded by ads and is therefore 100% free for the users.

Where is the ordering and budget data stored?

The data is store on mySQL servers that are backed up daily. However you can always export your orders to an excel sheet if you prefer.

As a manager how can I control who joins the group?

When a manager creates a profile he assigns a password to the group. A member needs to get that password to join the group. Further an email is send to the manager whenever someone requests to join the group. The manager has to click a link provided in that email before the person joins the group.

As a manager how can I control the group spending?

The lab manager can adjust the monthly spending individually for each member. If a member exceeds his limit he will no longer be able to place orders.

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